Our Founder

Jacob Sipos, EMT-P, is a nationally registered and licensed Paramedic. He has obtained his NAEMSE 1, NAEMSE 2, and NEMSEC certifications, and has over 10 years experience in EMS.

After many years of serving his community in the field, Jacob became an educator so that he could help others pursue their passions of saving the lives of others as he has.

Jacob recognizes the importance of providing support for students that are preparing for their NREMT cognitive exam in a way to ensure their success. How To NREMT was created to give students every opportunity to prepare for and pass the exam on their first attempt.

To ensure students are successful on their first attempt, Jacob created a simple, effective, proven training method that any EMS student can follow to pass the NREMT exam.

About Us

Get ready to Dominate and Pass the NREMT Exam!

Here at How to NREMT we teach you how to master and dominate the NREMT exam. Our goal is to have you pass the NREMT exam on your very first attempt. We give you all the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and pass the NREMT exam.

Our instructors have many years of experience both as EMS responders and educating EMR's, EMT's, AEMT's and Paramedics. Our lead instructor has his NAEMSE 1, NAEMSE 2, and NEMSEC certifications. They are all well prepared to tutor you and help you pass.

You Will Learn

If you take full advantage of what we have to offer you will learn the following and more:

  • How the NREMT cognitive exam works
  • How the NREMT cognitive exam is scored
  • How many possible questions there are and how many count toward your score
  • How to break down questions so they are easy to understand
  • How to find the clues in the question that give you the answers
  • The different types of questions you may encounter on the test
  • How to prepare for the test the day before, night before, and day of
  • What you are allowed to access on the test (calculator, writing materials, etc.)
  • How much time you get to take the test
  • How to stay calm and focused during the test
  • Whether or not you can go back to previous questions
  • What a Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) is
  • What a Linear test is
  • What the minimum passing standard is
  • What pilot questions are and how they work
  • How to find your results and
  • So Much More!

The NREMT exam can be difficult for many reasons. First, It requires basic understanding of provider specific content that you learned in your EMR, EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic school. Second, the test taker must have an understanding of how to break down the questions and be able to identify what the questions are really asking. Finally, It can also be difficult for those who feel they are “bad test takers” or who easily become anxious or nervous. If you feel this way don’t worry, you are not the only one! In fact, many EMS providers have reported feeling nervous, anxious, and even scared to take the NREMT exam.

We will teach you everything you need to know about how to dominate and pass the NREMT Exam. This includes ensuring that you have the knowledge necessary to pass the exam, making sure you know how to break down the questions so they are easy to understand, and teaching you techniques that can keep you calm and confident during the test. We aim to overprepare you so that by the time you are ready to take the test you feel so confident and comfortable that you go in and dominate the test on your very FIRST attempt.