I found out about this program through my school before I finished with my EMT class and I’m glad I did! I enrolled in the Diamond Membership + Tutoring package after completing my EMT class and attended all of my tutoring sessions. I utilized everything that came with my enrollment then took the NREMT exam quickly after finishing my last tutoring session and passed on my first attempt within 70 questions! I recommend this program if you want help passing the NREMT exam, you won’t regret it!  Thank you again for everything!

Bardia S 

"How To NREMT helped me feel more comfortable and confident and made me realize that I needed to learn how to break down questions."

Tristan B

Ok, this is the real deal. I’ve used many of the most popular apps, coaches and various other study guides, podcasts and you name it, I’ve tried it. How To NREMT gives you the best measurable goals, checklists, timelines and group coaching to help you get what you need. Now that said,you have to put in the time studying, no tricks there, but if you’ve struggled to “know” when your ready, this is for you or “how, how much” or “what” to study, this is for you. It’s affordable and there are many options at various prices to meet your needs. This program was everything I wanted and it helped me pass on my first attempt. Can’t say enough. Thank you!!

Steffan G

"My EMT instructor sent me a link to How To NREMT. And I am so glad he did. How To NREMT had lots of different ways to study for the exam. Tutoring, videos, practice questions, test taking strategies and zoom classes. I took advantage of all and I PASSED on the first try!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs extra help."

John L

“Thank you for everything! I highly recommend.”

Christina H

“I failed the NREMT paramedic exam twice before I came to How To NREMT. Jacob showed me exactly what I was doing wrong. I passed on my next attempt. I highly recommend How To NREMT to anyone who wants to pass the first time or on their next attempt if they already failed!”

Joe G

How To NREMT came highly recommended and so far seems to be great!

Lisa H