NREMT Pilot Questions. What are pilot questions?

Mar 26

According to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, During National Registry exams, every candidate receives pilot questions that are indistinguishable from scored items.

Examinations do not factor pilot questions into a candidate’s performance.

You will answer the exact number of pilot questions allotted for each level of exam regardless of how many questions you answer in total on the exam.

For example, if you are taking the EMT level test and your test ends at 90 questions you will have answered 10 pilot questions and if it ended at 100 questions you will have still answered 10 pilot questions, no more, no less.

The number of pilot items included on each exam is detailed below:

  • EMR: 30 items
  • EMT: 10 items
  • AEMT: 35 items
  • Paramedic: 20 items

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