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Private Tutoring Single Session by the Hour

Private Tutoring Single Session by the Hour

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Buy your private tutoring sessions by the hour.

We will ensure you have the knowledge necessary to pass the exam in all 5 categories that the NREMT exam tests in including:

  • Airway, Respiration & Ventilation.
  • Cardiology & Resuscitation.
  • Trauma.
  • Medical/Obstetrics/Gynecology.
  • EMS Operations.
You Will Also Learn

If you take full advantage of what we have to offer you will learn the following and more:

  • How the NREMT cognitive exam works
  • How the NREMT cognitive exam is scored
  • How many possible questions there are and how many count toward your score
  • How to break down questions so they are easy to understand
  • How to find the clues in the question that give you the answers
  • The different types of questions you may encounter on the test
  • How to prepare for the test the day before, night before, and day of
  • What you are allowed to access on the test (calculator, writing materials, etc.)
  • How much time you get to take the test
  • How to stay calm and focused during the test
  • Whether or not you can go back to previous questions
  • What a Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) is
  • What a Linear test is
  • What the minimum passing standard is
  • What pilot questions are and how they work
  • How to find your results and
  • So Much More!
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